On March 26, 2023, elections of deputies of the Mejlis (parliament), members of the velayat (province), etrap (district) and city halkmaslakhaty (peoples consul), as well as gengeshes (local consuls), were held in Turkmenistan on a broad alternative basis and clearly demonstrated the desire of the People of Turkmenistan to take an active part in the democratic processes taking place in the country for the sake of a happy future of Turkmenistan.

A solemn atmosphere reigned all the day at all the polling stations of Turkmenistan, which opened at 7 am with the playing National Anthem and full readiness to the most important social and political action. Memorable giftswere presentedby respected elders together with members of election commissions to the 76 thousand registered young voters, who took part in the votingfor the first time.

The most deserving citizens, highly respected and trusted by their compatriots, claimed the right to represent their voters in the national parliament and in the bodies of local executive power and local self-government. Among the candidates are rural workers, representatives of government agencies, leading experts in various industries, workers in the fields of economy, education, science, culture, and healthcare, members of political parties, public organizations and associations. Several candidates were registered for each seat of a deputy of the Mejlis, a member of the halkmaslahaty and the Gengesh. Thus, like all previous ones, today’s elections were held on a broad alternative basis, on the principles of democracy and openness.

Widespread preparatory workspreceded the current elections. In particular, 515 candidates for members of the velayats and 2001candidates for members of the etraps and citiesHalkMaslakhaty, 12098 candidates for members of the Gengeshes and 258 candidates for the seat of the deputy of the Mejliswere registered. Nominations of candidates were initiated by political parties and groups of citizens.

The procedure for nominating candidates took place on active participation of the population, which was largely facilitated by extensive organizational work on the field.

According to the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan, all polling stations were opened simultaneously on the territory of the electoral districts at the time set for voting. Of these, 312 were in Ashgabat, 365 in Akhal, 272 in Balkan, 536 in Dashoguz, 567 in Lebap and 550 in Mary.

3496304 voters were registered to participate in the voting for the elections of deputies of the Mejlis.

In total, the precinct electoral commissions registered as following: for the elections of members of halkmaslakhatyforvelayat, etrap and city 3483397 voters; for the election of members of the Gengeshes – 256682 voters.

The full monitoring of the electoral process was carried out by national and international observers who were present at the polling stations.

It should be noted that among them are observers from the UN, the CIS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization of Turkic States, experts from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

According to their assessments, the elections were held on an alternative and democratic basis, in accordance with the current legislation in the country and generally accepted norms of international law.

Addressing to journalists, the head of the CIS Observer Mission, CIS Secretary General Sergei Lebedev noted the calm nature of the voting, the festive atmosphere and the active participation of voters.

The first half of the voting day was marked by particular intensity. So, by noon, more than 50 percent of voters had fulfilled their constitutional right.

According to the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan, by 19:00 hours, when the polling stations closed, 91.12 percent of the electorate took part in the elections of deputies of the Mejlis, 91.10 percent of the electorate took part in the elections of members of the HalkMaslakhatyfor velayats, etraps and cities, and 91.20 percent of the electorate took part in the elections of members of the Gengeshes.

According to the information provided by the Central Election Commission, the elections were successful.

Anyone wishing to use convenient navigation could observe the voting process on the website of the Central Election Commission.

The current elections have aroused interest in many countries of the world. This is evidenced by a massive visit to the website of the Central Election Commission.

After the closing of the polling stations, the counting of votes began, but even now it can be stated that the close-knit Turkmen people once again voted for the age-old traditions of democracy. In the era of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state, they formed the basis of the democratic foundations of the modern Turkmen society, the current large-scale reforms and transformations that are consistently implemented by President of Turkmenistan SerdarBerdimuhamedov.

In accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Code, the results of the voting will be published as soon as possible.