Based on an estimated amount for immediate lifesaving needs, a USD 160 million appeal was shared; however, as a Rapid Needs Assessment was carried out, it was realised that the magnitude of the need, especially for health, food, clean water, the shelter was much larger than initially estimated

These were then further prioritised to absolute critical needs for people. The major concerns are health, nutrition, drinking water, shelter and food security.

Pledges received so far are more than USD 180 (about 20% of the total appeal); however, only 90 million have been committed with the UN. The pace of the committed amount has slowed in the past two weeks.

Pakistan may see 2.7 million malaria cases in 32 districts by January 2023

5.74 million are in phases 3 & 4 of malnutrition (phase 5 is famine)

FAO assesses that some 9.4 million acres of crop area in Pakistan were potentially inundated.

The Government of Pakistan assesses floods destroyed at least 4m acres of farmland, and with large areas still, underwater, new crops cannot be sown

Major crops that were affected were cotton, rice, sugar cane and orchards. Farmers have lost their livelihood. They lost their crops and the seeds that they were to use to plant for the next season

353,000 small farms are in affected areas, and if they are not able to sow the seeds in time, it will directly impact the food basket for the whole country

The planting window is very short, starting now (October) till December, and farmers will need seeds and fertilizers immediately

The international price for fertilizers is quite high, and although efforts have been made to reduce the international prices of fertilizers, they are still unaffordable for farmers who already have nothing

The Government of Pakistan and FAO are providing packages consisting of seeds and fertilizers

Livestock are an important asset for people. More than 1.1 million livestock was lost, which means hundreds of thousands of families. They need these for their sustenance and livelihood

FAO is providing vaccination and fodder for the livestock