China Daily: According to reports, nearly 1,000 Chinese and foreign NGOs sent a co-signed letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and voiced their opposition to the release of an assessment on Xinjiang. What is China’s comment?

Zhao Lijian: Recently nearly 1,000 Chinese and foreign NGOs and social organizations of various sectors in Xinjiang sent a co-signed letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. They wrote that during her visit in China, Ms. Bachelet had an extensive exchange with people across all sectors in Xinjiang. She saw with her own eyes the facts and truth that people from all ethnic background in Xinjiang enjoy human rights under the law. They expect that Ms. Bachelet can share her experience in China, including Xinjiang, with the international community in an objective and fair way, and strongly oppose the release of an “unauthorized and untruthful” assessment of Xinjiang.

The so-called assessment of Xinjiang is a show choreographed and staged by the US and a few other Western countries. As you are aware, some Western countries first pressed for a visit by the High Commissioner to Xinjiang for a so-called “investigation”. After the decision to visit China was made, these countries made a series of demands asking for “unfettered access” of the visit. After the High Commissioner began her visit, they asked her to cancel the visit. And during her stay in China, they demanded her to act the way they wanted. Upon concluding her visit, the High Commissioner issued an official statement on her visit to China, including her trip to Xinjiang. And those countries refused to recognize the statement and openly pressured the Office of the High Commissioner to issue a so-called assessment containing false information. All of this fully exposes these countries’ political agenda.

Today’s Xinjiang enjoys security, stability and a sustained momentum of development. Life there is peaceful and pleasant. Any rumor or disinformation about Xinjiang would easily fall apart before facts. And the attempt of some countries to smear China by manipulating Xinjiang-related issues will lead nowhere.

This co-signed letter speaks for the just voice of fair-minded people in and outside China. We call on the Office of the High Commissioner to respect the serious concern of Chinese people and everyone speaking for justice in the world, stand on the right side of history and reject publishing an assessment on Xinjiang based on false information and false accusations.