The Ambassador of Korea, Suh Sangpyo, on 28th September, Wednesday, at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, held a ceremony to hand over the first batch of urgently needed relief items for flood victims with the Provincial Minister for Relief &Rehabiliation, Mr. RasoolBaxChandio.Director General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. SaqibRauf, Consul General of the Korean Consulate in Karachi, Mr. Kim Haksung, and Senior officials of the National Disaster Management Authority were also present at the ceremony.

The Ambassador stated that this first shipment of relief items donated by the Government of Korea arrived in Pakistan on 17th September and it consists of approximately three hundred thousand water purification tablets, thirty thousand emergency blankets, and various other essential relief items. He went on to say thatsecond shipment of relief items consisting of family sized tents, collapsible water bags, and thermal blankets has is also on route via a cargo ship willbe dockedat Karachi Sea Portno later than 16th October. The Ambassador apprised the media that in addition to the in-kind donations by the Government of Korea, which amounts to USD 300,000and Korean private sector companies and associations working in Pakistan, have collectively donated over USD 500,000 so far for the flood victims.

The Ambassador whilst greatly appreciating the crucial role being played by the NDMA and the Government of Pakistan to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims, also extended his sincere appreciation to the Korean Association of Pakistan, Jogye Order, K-Water, Mira Power, LH, KOAK, KA-Power, PK International Food, KEPCO Plant Services & Engineering, Samsung Electronics Pakistan, LotteChilsungBeverages, Lotte Engineering & Construction, and Lotte Chemical, who in addition to their cash donations, have also continued to distribute essential food items, shelters, and medicines directly to the affected local populations and to the non-governmental organizations involved in the relief efforts.