Officials of India’s ruling radical nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have used insulting language against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. One of those officials, Naveen Kumar Jindal, a spokesman for the ruling party, received a backlash on Twitter for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.
It is clear that Naveen Kumar Jindal’s systematic insults to the Prophet of Islam against his wife and Islam in general are not without reason. Jindali is supported by the BJP party and its leader Narendra Modi. Although Jindal had previously committed specific crimes in the crackdown on Muslims, his crimes were ignored by the ruling party.
Since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims in the country have increased every year. The spread of videos of Indian nationalists threatening Muslims with death has caused a backlash, both at home and abroad. It is true that such speeches are targeted at communities such as Christians, Singhs and Buddhists in terms of discourse, but in practice target Muslims.
Another Islamophobic move by Narendra Modi against Muslims is the amendment to citizenship. The new amendment simplifies the granting of Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. An interesting point is that these people are placed in the northern provinces, where Muslims live compactly, at the expense of Muslim lands and houses. Even since 2021, protests against this law continue in India.
Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim stance was, in fact, evident even before he became prime minister. Even for this reason, most Muslims protested his victory in the elections. While still governor of Gujarat, Modi turned a blind eye to the massacre of Muslims. He applies a double standard to Muslims, and has even been named in many murders. Modi is also known as a sponsor of widespread anti-Muslim campaigns in India. It is no coincidence that the recent escalation of tensions between Pakistan and India is also linked to Modi’s name. Thus, the abolition of the special status of Kashmir has led to renewed tensions between the two countries.
Modi is actually trying to create a religious confrontation in India. He is trying to cover up the country’s sharp income injustice, economic downturn and failed domestic policies. The Indian economy has been in decline for the last 7-8 years. This decline was exacerbated during Modi’s rule. His failed domestic policy has also caused public discontent. That is why Modi took such a step to protect his power and distract the people.
Until Modi, the main task of the country’s domestic policy was to reduce this tension. However, Modi’s rise to power exacerbated the Muslim-Indian conflict. Such a radical and wrong policy of the Modi government is a dangerous step for India.
I think this last step will be costly. Insulting Islam and its prophet is not the limit of Modi or anyone else. For us Muslims, our religion is dearer to us than our Prophet. From the wrath of the Muslims, neither the god Brahman, nor Shiva, nor Krishna, nor anyone else whose number is known to him, can save him!
Indian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Bavitlung Vanlalvavna has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry. Officials in India’s ruling party have said it is unacceptable to use insulting language against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.
It was noted that the Islamophobic attitude of Indian officials affected the feelings of Muslims around the world, and the Indian ambassador was informed that Azerbaijan condemned this behavior.
Although the official state religion of Azerbaijan is not Islam, the vast majority of the population believes in this religion. In addition, our country is known around the world as a country where religions live in peace, tranquility and harmony. As the most active member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, it was the right step for our country to react to this issue.
Turan Rzayev, Political Expert, Center for International Relations and Diplomatic Studies