ISLAMABAD, JUL 15 /DNA/ – The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia is all set to organize a grand cultural exhibition titled “ A night at Lok Virsa Museum”, being held jointly by the Embassy and the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage Pakistan. The exhibition will take place on July 20, 2022, which would be the first of its kind.

Ambassador of Indonesia Adam Tugio organized a press briefing in this regard and shared with the members of the mass media the details of the event. He said that the exhibition is likely to further cement and deepen people to people and cultural links between the two brotherly countries.

‘A Night at Lok Virsa Museum intends to feature the fusion of Indonesia-Pakistan’s cultural history and artworks through a selected collection of photographs and videos, which will shed light on the inter-regional connectivity and cross-cultural influence during the course of history of respective countries. The Exhibition aims to offer fresh perspectives into historical connections, religious backgrounds, and the confluence of civilization of both countries from past to present’, he added.

Ambassador Tugio further said, the Exhibition will highlight the religious-cultural influence and similarities between the two countries during their journey of civilization through the display of art works.

He said, similar to Pakistan, Indonesia has also a huge impact on the study of palaeontology. The island of Java has produced some of the most diverse vertebrates and fossils in numerous discoveries. And in Flores archaeological evidence of prehistoric life has been discovered. Experts like Prof. Verhoeven and Prof. Dubuis predicted that the artefacts were created around 750.000 years ago based on a number of stone tools connected to a stegodon fossil (now-extinct elephant).

He said that the Rock Art is yet another important aspect of the forthcoming exhibition. The importance of Indonesia’s rock art has been seriously underestimated and overlooked, especially as it occupies a crucial position on the crossroads between South-East Asia and the Pacific. The rock art research conducted in this region is expected to reveal underlying cultural exchanges, patterns and similarities between people living in this vast part of the world.

Ambassador Tugio hoped that the exhibition will help Pakistanis and even foreigners living in Pakistan to better understand the cultural potential that exists between the two countries besides having firsthand information about hitherto unexplored facets of the Indonesian cultural heritage.=DNA