International webinar conference on Russian-Ukraine war and socio-economic, geostrategic and geopolitical secnarios in Asia will be held  on March 18 by two well-know analytical centers – the Institute of Diplomacy and Development, Baku and the Center for South Asia and International Studies, Islamabad.

All discussians will be held in Zoom.  It will start at 2.30 PM.

The main topic of conference:

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has certain and serious socio-economic, geopolitical and geostrategic ramifications for the region and beyond. Unfortunately, world has now been dragged into dirty politics of isolation and systematic alienation. Sadly, the world has also been trapped into politics of imposition of futile sanctions. Tug of war has now become tussle and struggle of national narratives. The western main and especially its social media outlets are indiscriminately propagate against Russia and China for its just support and refusal to impose any socio-economic, geopolitical or military sanction against Russia.

Money, stock exchange and commodity markets have been trampled and trodden. Global banking & financial industry has been trapped into blind alley because of new parameters of international payment and clearing systems. Aviation industry has been ruined because of close sky policy of the USA, EU, Canada and many other countries against Russia in the world.

Crude oil markets has crusaded the healthy prospects of world economy. Commodity markets have ruined the future prospects of community development around the globe. Energy & food security has become looming threats which have devastating repercussions.

The biggest prey is oil & gas industry and imposition of sanctions has badly disturbed productive channels and supply chains of energy resources to Europe. Now Europe is feel the heat of ongoing Russian and Ukraine war.

In this important international conference all aspects of human survival, productive channels and food & energy security will be thoroughly discussed.

Complex and complicated security concerns have already produced serious dints in the regional economic recovery drive and global economy is now feeling the heat because of tussle between Kremlin and Kiev.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan governments have taken a most rational stance highlighting the importance of de-escalation, dialogue and diplomacy and urged the conflicting parties to give peace a chance.

Basic Aims

  1. To pinpoint various socio-economic, geopolitical and geostrategic implication of the ongoing war
  2. To judge the current status of food & energy security threats and probable future way out
  3. To highlight the importance of dialogue and diplomacy to defuse tensions and achieve breakthrough in peace
  4. To highlight voices of Pakistan and Azerbaijan to achieve peace and harmony in the region