On the Ongoing Situation in the Occupied Palestine

 While condemning the aggression and atrocities of the Zionist and apartheid Israeli regime against the innocent Palestinian people, it firmly believes that the ongoing situation in the occupied Palestine is the inevitable result of more than 70 years of denial regarding the Palestinian legitimate and inherent right to self-determination. The constant aggression, usurpation, oppression,occupation, discrimination and the desecration, systematically exercised by the Regime, brought about a ground that resulted in the reaction and escalations.

Widespread and constant violation of international law, international humanitarian law, the denial of the law of war and the established principles and norms of the human rights in the historical homeland of the Palestinian people is a source of regret specifically that the innocent people and the civilians including women and children are violently threatened.

The deafening silence of the Western countries towards these acts during the decades, exacerbated by the normalization process with an illegitimate and racial regime and the increasing desecration of the Holy symbols of the Muslims have worsened the situation and contributed in the escalation.The absence of accountability and the silence of the UN bodies, in particular, the Security Council has been at the dispense of the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights and obviously in favor of the occupying regime during the last years.

Therefore, the resistance operation is regarded as a natural and legitimate response to the extreme and criminal actions of the Zionist regime and it’s the definite result of extremism against the homeland of the Palestinian nation as the real inhabitant.

Based on the international law, the inherent right of self-defense for all the Palestinian people is recognizable. The Islamic Republic of Iran has already raised a plan that is officially registered in the Secretariat of the United Nations Organization, accordingly to which the question of Palestine can only be resolved by terminating the occupation, recognizing the inalienable rights of self- determination of the Palestinian people and holding a national referendum with the participation of all Palestinian people.

Islamic Republic of Iran declares solidarity with the Palestinian people. Wishing that the resistance of the Palestinian people results in the realization of the cause of Palestine and the final restoration of Palestinian lands and Al-Aqsa to its real owners.It emphasizes that due efforts are necessary by the international community to immediately stop the killing machine of the Zionist apartheid regime against Palestinian citizens, women and children.