5th July, 2022

(Islamabad): Ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan H.E. Totuiaev Ulanbek Asankulovich called on the Federal Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain in his office today on 5th June, 2022. Secretary Education Ms. Naheed S. Durrani also attended the meeting.

Rana Tanveer welcomed the Ambassador of Kyrgyz Republic and said that Pakistan looks forward to taking the relationship with Kyrgyz Republic to the next level. Rana Tanveer said that cooperation between Kyrgyz Republic and Pakistan has immense potential. Rana Tanveer said that Pakistan and Kyrgyz Republic should take advantage of the opportunity at hand and ensure maximum cooperation. He said that the bilateral cooperation between the two countries can be of immense benefit to Pakistan and Kyrgyz Republic.

Rana Tanveer discussed exchange of expertise and knowledge regarding Vocational and Technical Training. He said that the two countries can benefit from the experience of each other. He invited the Education Minister of Kyrgyz Republic to enhance bilateral exchange regarding education.

Rana Tanveer welcomed exchange of teachers and students to further mutual cooperation. He said that there is significant potential in cooperation between the two countries. He said that Pakistan can learn from the expertise of Kyrgyz Republic in Engineering whereas Kyrgyz Republic can learn from Pakistan with respect to academic research.

Federal Minister said that Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan are tied together in cordial relationship of respect and friendship. He said that peoples of Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan have long time and close cultural and spiritual ties. Already established relations between the two countries can further be enhanced in political, economic and educational arena so to bring both the countries further closer.

Rana Tanveer praised the current governments efforts in regard to accommodating students of Pakistan. He said that that the current government has put high importance on furthering the public education sector. At the end he welcomed the agreement between the two dignitaries to further enhance cooperation between respective ministries of education of Pakistan and Kyrgyz Republic.