As we approach the significant Day of the Sun marking thecentenaryofthebirthofthegreatleaderComradeKimIlSung,wewillbeholdingtheFourthConferenceoftheWorkers’Party of Korea amid the great expectations and keen interest ofourpeople andpeopleoverseas.

TheconferencewilldiscussanddecideonacclaimingGeneral Kim Jong Ilas the eternal General Secretary of theWPKandglorifyingforeverhisrevolutionarycareerandimmortal revolutionary exploits, and will amend the Rules ofthe Party accordingly. It will also recall some members of thecentral leadership body of the Party and hold an election to fillthevacancies,whichisaregularundertakingataPartyconference.

Weshouldensurethattheconferenceservesasanepoch-making event that establishes an important milestone in holdingupGeneralKimJongIl,togetherwithPresidentKimIlSung,astheeternalleaderofourParty,andincarryingouttheideology and cause of the President and the General with credit.Throughtheconference,weshouldclearlydemonstratethefaith, will and moral obligation with which we, the descendantsofthePresidentandthesoldiersanddevotedfollowersoftheGeneral,holdtheminhighesteemandourdeterminationto


We should hold the General up unswervingly as the GeneralSecretaryof our Party.

To hold him in high esteem as the eternal General Secretaryof our Party is, in principle, a demand for consistently holdingfasttohisideologyandpoliciesandadvancingourrevolutionarycause tovictory.




WPK can never be a symbolic act. It means having him as theGeneral Secretary of the Party invariably and conducting Partybuilding and Party activities in accordance with his ideologyandintentions.

Hisideologyandpoliciesarethepermanentguidingprinciples for our Party and revolution and banners of victory,and their justness and vitality have been proved through ourrevolutionary practice. Without them, the victorious advanceand accomplishment of the cause of our revolution would beinconceivable. If our Party is to lead the Korean revolutionalongtheroadofvictoryandgloryasitdidinthepast,itshould hold the General in high esteem as its eternal GeneralSecretary and adhere to strictly and thoroughly implement hisideologyandpolicies.

To holdhim upastheeternal GeneralSecretary ofourParty is natural in view of the immortal exploits he performedforthetimesandrevolutionwhileleadingitforsomanyyears.

The period, during which he developed our Party into theparty of President Kim Il Sung with his unexcelled ideas andtheory and outstanding leadership, spanned more than half acentury. He developed our Party into a revolutionary party inwhichtheleaders’ideologicalandleadershipsystemsarefirmly established, into a motherly party which has formed aharmonious whole with the masses of the people and servesthem,andintoaninvinciblepartywithirondisciplineandfighting efficiency, and he demonstrated the dignity and mightofKimIlSung’sKoreatothewholeworld;theseconstitutehismostdistinguishedachievements,andtheyshouldbebrilliantlyetchedinthe annalsofourParty.

It is because our Party is strong and the army and people areunited around it with a single heart that we can continue toensurethepoliticalstabilityofthecountryandcarryoutallour



work without the slightest deviation, even though the supremepostsofthePartyandthestateremainvacantafterthedemiseofthefatherofthenation. Thiswould be unthinkableapartfromtheexploitsoftheGeneralinleadingourPartyandrevolution,anditshowcasesthegreatnessandeternalvitalityof these exploits. He was an outstanding leader and peerlessveteran statesman who developed the WPK into the organizerand guide of all our people’s victories and led our revolutionalongaroadpavedwithvictory.

To hold him in high esteem as the eternal General Secretaryof our Party conforms with the noble ideological feeling anddesire of all Party members and other people, and is naturalfromthe pointofviewof moralobligation.

Thoughhedevotedhisallthroughouthislifetotheprosperityofthecountryandthehappinessofthepeople,heleft nothing for himself. He was on the most intensive forcedmarch, taking not a moment’s rest, until he breathed his last onamovingtrain.Suchaleaderhasneverbeenwitnessedanywhere in the world. He lives on as the father of the nationand General Secretary of our Party in the hearts of our peopleand service personnel, who believed in him as in heaven, andthe world’s people recognize this. The benevolent image of himas the General Secretary of the WPK will always remain in theheartsofourPartymembers andotherpeople.

Our officials, including those present here, along with otherPartymembers,servicepersonnelandpeople,arealltheGeneral’s soldiers and devoted followers who grew up in hisembrace. It is our natural duty and moral obligation to hold theman, who brought us up, in high esteem as our eternal leaderand great teacher. Although he was the leader of the Party, thestateandthearmy,heregardedhimselfallhislifeasarevolutionarysoldierofPresidentKimIlSung,heldthe



President up as the eternal leader of the Party and the peopleand devoted his all to the realization of the latter’s cause. TheGeneral’s noble traits and moral obligation are a paragon whichweshouldall learn from.

OnlywhenweholdhiminhighesteemastheeternalGeneralSecretaryofourPartycanwebrilliantlyaccomplishtherevolutionarycauseofJuchebydynamicallypushingforward the revolution and construction as we did in the past.The post of General Secretary of the WPK should be occupiedonly by General Kim Jong Il, even though one generation isreplaced by another. For this reason, we are going to adopt ahistoricdecisiononacclaiminghimastheeternalGeneralSecretaryofourParty,theeternalleaderofthePartyandpeople, and include it in the Rules of the Party at the Partyconference.

Our Party, with him as its eternal General Secretary, cancarry the revolutionary cause of Juche and the revolutionarycauseofSonguntobrilliantcompletionwithasolidorganizationalandideologicalguaranteeforleadingtherevolution andconstruction tovictory.

We intend to discuss the matter of acclaiming him as theeternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission of theDPRK at a session of the Supreme People’s Assembly to beheldfollowingthe Partyconference.

At the conference we intend to proclaim the WPK as thegloriouspartyofKimIl SungandKimJong Il.

ThehistoryoftheWPKisthehistoryofthegreatrevolutionary activities of the President who founded it, as wellas of the General who brilliantly carried forward the President’sideology and cause. Our Party’s high prestige, invincible mightandgreatexploitsintherevolutionandconstructionareassociatedwiththe namesofthe Presidentandthe General,and



their names will be immortal along with the development of ourParty. The WPK is the party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il,whoare its eternalleaders.

TheguidingideologyoftheWPKisthegreatKimilsungism-Kimjongilism.ItisagloriousKimilsungist-Kimjongilist party whose guiding ideology is Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismandwhichstrugglesforitsrealization.

Byenergeticallyconductingideologicalandtheoreticalactivities with unexcelled ideological and theoretical wisdomand extraordinary ability to explore, the General formulated thePresident’srevolutionaryideologyasKimilsungism,andensuredthatitshonemorebrilliantlyasagreatideologyguiding the era of independence. In particular, he developed thePresident’s idea of giving priority to arms into the idea of theSongunrevolutionandthetheoryofSongunpolitics,andadvanced the theory of building a thriving socialist nation, thussignificantlyenhancingtheattractionandviabilityofKimilsungismandclearlyverifyingitsjustnessintherevolutionarypractice.

Because the General managed the unique achievement ofdevelopingKimilsungismasrequiredbythetimesandthedevelopingrevolution,our PartymembersandotherpeoplecouldcombinethePresident’sideologywiththeGeneral’s,calling them Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and recognizing it asthe guiding ideology of our Party. However the General, whowas boundlessly humble, sternly forbade his name from beingassociated with the guiding ideology of our Party, saying thatnothing would be seen other than Kimilsungism, no matter towhatextentonedelvedintoKimjongilism.

Today our Party and revolution demand that Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismbeheldfasttoastheirpermanentguidingideology.



Kimilsungism-Kimjongilismisanintegralsystemoftheidea, theory and method of Juche, and a great revolutionaryideologyrepresentativeoftheJucheera.GuidedbyKimilsungism-Kimjongilism, we should conduct Party buildingandPartyactivitiesinsuchawayastosustaintherevolutionary character of our Party and advance the revolutionand construction in line with the ideas and intentions of thePresidentand theGeneral.

ImbuingthewholesocietywithKimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the highest programme for our Party. It is arevolutionary inheritance of the imbuing of the whole societywith Kimilsungism and its development onto a new, higherstage.

JustaswesetimbuingthewholesocietywithKimilsungismasthehighestprogrammeforthePartyandmade strenuous efforts to realize it under the wise guidance ofthe General, we should, in the future, make more strenuouseffortstoimbuethewholesocietywithKimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

We have travelled a road resplendent with brilliant victoriesby braving every manner of historical trial, but we still have along,arduousrevolutionaryroadtofollow.Owingtothevicious schemes of the imperialists and reactionaries to isolateand stifle our style of socialism that is centred on the masses ofthe people, the situation is as tense as ever, and we are facedwith the grave task of giving fuller play to the advantages andmight of socialism and building a thriving socialist country bysolving in full the problems arising in developing the economyandimprovingthepeople’s living standards.

However difficult and huge our revolutionary task may be,we are sure to emerge victorious as long as we are with ouroutstandingleaderswhomwerevereastheeternalsunof



Juche,areguidedbytheever-victoriousWPKandaresupported by the people and the invincible revolutionary armyof Mt. Paektu, which are boundlessly faithful to their Party andleaders.

WeshouldholdthegreatGeneralinhighesteemastheeternal leader of ourParty andpeople andaddlastingbrillianceto his revolutionary career and immortal revolutionary exploits.Hewasagreatleader,apeerlesspatriotandthebenevolentfather ofourpeople,whodevotedhisallsolelytothecountry’sprosperityandthepeople’shappinesswithabsoluteloyaltytothePresidentandwarmaffectionforhiscountryandpeople.HiswasthemostbrilliantlifeofapeerlesslygreatmanwhoperformedimmortalexploitsforthePartyandtherevolution,thecountryandthepeople,truetothenobleintentionsofthe


We should maintain a pure conscience and a sense of moralobligation in pushing forward all undertakings that are aimed atholding the General in high esteem for all eternity and realizingthecauseof immortalizinghim.

We should make sure that the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun,where the President and the General lie in state, shines foreveras the sanctuary of the sun. The palace is the beacon of ourrevolution,ourpermanentpsychologicalmainstayandthesymbol of victory. Our officials, service personnel and peopleshould make the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun the sanctuary ofthe eternal sun, and live and work with the beaming images ofthePresidentandtheGeneralalwaysintheirminds.

We should staunchly safeguard the General’s ideology andexploits and solve all the problems that arise in the revolutionand construction true to his ideology and intentions and in thesame way as he did. In his lifetime he specified the tasks to betackledbyourPartyandpeopleintherevolutionand



construction and the ways they should be implemented. Weshould regard his instructions as our guideline and carry themoutunconditionallywithoutanydeviationandwithoutanyconcession, so as to bring his plans and desires to brilliantfruition.

We should continuously develop the WPK into the eternal,gloriouspartyofKimIl SungandKimJong Il.

Developing our Party into the eternal party of Kim Il SungandKimJongIlmeansholdingfasttoKimilsungism-Kimjongilismasitsguidingideologyandpromotingitsdevelopmentandactivitiesinstrictaccordancewiththeirideologyandintentions.

What is important in this regard is to establish more firmlythemonolithicleadershipsystemof theParty.

Weshouldmakethisthe majortaskofPartywork, andwork with perseverance to this end to meet the requirements ofthe new, higherstage of thedevelopment of our Party andrevolution.

All Party members, service personnel and people shouldsupporttheParty’sideologyandleadershipwithfaithandconscience,unitecloselybehindthePartyCentralCommitteein ideology, purpose and moral obligation, and share the samedestiny with our Party in ordinary times and when things aremostdifficult.

Partyorganizationsshouldcreatearevolutionaryatmosphere of implementing the Party’s policies, decisions anddirectives unconditionally and to the letter. They should takeproactivestepstoestablishrevolutionarydisciplineandtheworkingstyleofpromptlytransmittingtheParty’s policies,decisions and directives, making careful arrangements so thatthey can be implemented thoroughly and reporting back on theresultspromptly.



It is important to establish throughout the Party the strictrevolutionary discipline of acting as one under the monolithicleadership of the Party Central Committee. Party organizationsshouldanalyseandassesstheproblemsthatariseintherevolutionandconstructionfromthepointofviewoftheinterests of the revolution and with the attitude that they aretaking responsibility for them before the Party, the state and thepeople, report them to the Party Central Committee and dealwiththemaccordingtothe latter’sdecision.

We should continue to direct great efforts to building up theranksof cadres.

Cadres are the leading personnel of the revolution and thebackbone of the Party; the development of the Party is decidedbythequalitativecomposition oftheranksofcadres.

We should radically improve personnel administration andbuild up the ranks of cadres with faithful and able persons whoare ready to share the destiny of the Party forever. In personneladministration, the main emphasis should be put on people’sideological preparedness, qualifications and ability. We shouldbuild uptheranksofcadreswiththose whoare promising,have organizing ability and drive, and never fail to see a taskthrough tothefinishonce theyareentrustedwith it.

Weshouldintensifytheideologicaleducationandorganizational activities of cadres andconstantly train themthroughrevolutionarypracticesoastoensurethattheydischarge their responsibilities and duties as befits the leadingpersonnelof the revolution.


We should strictly observe Party principles in increasingParty membership so as to admit to the Party those who arepoliticallyandideologicallysound,areresponsibleandenthusiasticinfulfillingtheirrevolutionarytasks,areupright



and honest in their economic and moral lives and enjoy a goodreputationamongthe masses.

Party organizations should decisively raise the level of theParty life of its members so that they remain always faithful tothe oath they took before the Party flag, becoming models forthemassesattheirpostsandplayingthevanguardroleinfulfillingtheirrevolutionarytasks.

We should strengthen the single-hearted unity of the Partyandtherevolutionaryranksineverywayanddefenditcompletely.

The single-hearted unity is the most valuable revolutionaryheritage bequeathed by the General and the great foundation ofour revolution. Our single-hearted unity, formed by the leader,thePartyandthemasseswithagreatideologyandwarmfeelings and affection, is the greatest wealth and cannot becompared tomillions oftonsofgold.


True to the noble will of the President and the General, whoregarded “The people are my God” as their motto, we shouldregard the people as our God, boundlessly respect them, giveprominence to them and conduct every undertaking with theirdemands and interests at the centre. Party organizations, out ofmaternal feelings, should always value and love the people,guarantee their political integrity to the last and help them addlustretoit.Justasamotherdoesnotabandonanuglyormischievouschildbut ismoreanxiousandconcerned abouthim or her, so Party organizations should ensure that all thepeopleareembracedbythePartyandfeeltheGeneral’saffection. They should not turn their backs on those who makemistakeswhileperformingtheirtasks,butembracethemand



educate them perseveringly so that they can add lustre to theirlifeinthe ranksofthe revolution.

We should ensure that the noble and beautiful moral trait ofhelpingandleadingone anotherforward prevails throughoutthecountrysothatoursocietyisturnedintoalarge,harmoniousfamilythatisunitedwithasingleheart.

A few months ago, Pak Thae Son, a miner at the KumgolMine, and Ri Chang Son, a farmer at the Ohyon CooperativeFarm, Yonan County, sacrificed their lives without hesitation tosave their comrades. Their heroic deeds greatly moved people.They can be performed only by people in our era who havegrown up under the care of the President and the General, andtheyare an example whichallofusshouldlearnfrom.

Party organizations should ensure that all Party membersand other working people, with a revolutionary view of life,devote themselves to society, the collective and their comrades,and thus imbue themselves with the spirit of the era of activelycontributing to the unity and harmony of their collectives. Theyshould bring into fuller bloom across society the fine traits ofrespecting the revolutionary forerunners, holding up the heroesand people of merit of the era, loving the younger generationsandlookingafterthosepeoplewhoareinneedofsociety’scare.

Party organizations should grasp the public sentiment andensurethateveryundertakingisorientedtowardsandsubordinated to strengthening the single-hearted unity of therevolutionaryranks.

Single-heartedunitythatisseparatedfromthepublicsentiment is inconceivable. Party organizations should listen tothe opinions of the people, promptly solve any problems theyraise, and wage a struggle against the practices of slighting orneglectingthepublicsentiment.Whenevertheyareorganizing



an undertaking or dealing with a matter that is vital tothepeople, they should examine whether it is conducive to single-hearted unity or not, and approach it prudently on the principleofstrengtheningthatunity.

We should resolutely frustrate the pernicious machinationsoftheenemyaimedatunderminingoursingle-heartedunity.

What the enemy fears most is our single-hearted unity; hepersistently resorts to underhand plots to destroy it. With theenemyresortingtoeveryconceivableschemetocheckthepure-heartedaspirationofourpeoplewhofollowtheirPartyand to alienate the Party from them, we should further intensifytheeducationofthepeopleand,atthesametime,wageapositivestruggleto foil theenemy’smoves.


Songunisourindependence,dignityandlifeblood.Weshould not forget the bitter lessons of history that our peoplelearnedinthepastwhentheylosttheircountryandweresubjected to the misery of colonial slavery because of theirweak military strength. It is the stark reality of today that if acountryis weakmilitarilyitcannot defenditsindependenceand its right of survival and will ultimately fall prey to theimperialists. Therefore, we should make consistent efforts toincreaseour militarycapabilities.

We should continue to direct great efforts to strengtheningthe People’s Army. The might of Songun is the might of thePeople’sArmy,andthekeytoincreasingourmilitarycapabilitiesisto strengthenthePeople’sArmy.




developing it into the army of the leader, the Party and theSupremeCommander.

The People’s Army should further consolidate the political,ideological,militaryandtechnologicalmightofourrevolutionaryarmedforcesbyvigorouslyconductingthemovement to win the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment,regarding this as the general task of its political and militarywork. By intensifying political and ideological education, itshould prepare all the service personnel to be strong in theirideology and faith, and to be boundlessly loyal to the Party’sleadership and ready to risk their lives in fighting for the Partyandthe leader,the country and the people.

It should establish an atmosphere of intensive training asbefits the army of Mt. Paektu so as to enhance its combatefficiencytothemaximum,andmakesurethatallservicepersonnelmaintainconstantreadinessforbattle.Thesecretof becoming a-match-for-a-hundred combatants lies in stricttraining. In wartime a soldier who is exemplary in battle is ahero, but in peacetime a soldier who is good at training is ahero.Servicepersonnelshouldpreparethemselvestobesteel-strong,a-match-for-a-hundred,versatile  combatantswithgreatmentalstrength,unyieldingfortitudeandhighcombatefficiencyandqualificationsbytrainingthemselvesin the atmosphere of an actual battle. They should always bedeeplyawareoftheirnoblemissionasdefendersofthecountry, and if the enemy intrudes by even an inch into thesacred sky, land or sea of our Republic, they should neverforgivehim.


should always be the standard-bearer and shock brigade notonlyindefendingthecountrybutalsoincarryingouttheParty’splanforbuildingathrivingnationandtheadvance



guard in creating and disseminating the Songun culture of thenewcentury.

We should provide our service personnel with better livingconditions. The people have entrusted their children to the careof the Supreme Commander and officers; we should take goodcare of their lives, treating them as our own family, true to theintention of the General who bestowed all his affection on themastheirownfatherwoulddo.

The work of cementing the great army-people unity shouldbe furtherintensified. Holdingfast totheslogan“Helpthepeople!” the People’s Army should play the leading role inachievingarmy-peopleunitybylovingandrespectingthepeopleandvolunteeringtohelpthem.Thepeopleshouldpositively emulate the revolutionary soldier spirit and fightingmettle of the People’s Army, be wholehearted in their supportfor it, and if necessary share the same destiny as the servicepersonnelinthe same trench.

WeshouldputthedefenceindustryonahighlyJuche-oriented, modern and scientific footing, so as to guarantee thecountry’sdefencecapabilitiesmateriallyandtechnically.

The history of our defence industry is the history of therevolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung and GeneralKim Jong Il. The might of the defence industry we have so farbuiltupundertheirwiseleadershipisindeedgreat.

Weshouldsafeguardtheimperishableexploitstheyperformed in developing the defence industry and give priorityto the development of the defence industry in keeping with therequirementsofthelineofeconomicconstructionintheSongun era, so as to increase the country’s military capabilitiesineveryrespect.Weshouldfurtherconsolidatetheself-supportingcharacterofthedefenceindustryandestablishcutting-edgescientificandtechnologicalfoundationsforit.The



workers,scientistsandtechniciansinthedefenceindustryshould develop more state-of-the-art military hardware of ourown style and produce it at the highest qualitative level, thusfurthermodernizingthemilitaryhardwareofthePeople’sArmy.

An atmosphere in which military affairs are given priorityshouldbecreatedthroughoutsociety,andtheall-people,nationwidedefencesystemconsolidatedsothatthewholecountry is turned into an impregnable fortress. Members of theWorker-Peasant Red Guards and Young Red Guards shouldmake full preparations for defending their homes and villagesandtheirsocialistmotherlandbyintensifyingtheirmilitarytraining.

We should make radical progress in improving the people’sstandard of living and building the country into an economicgiant.

To improve the people’s standard of living and boost thecountry’s economy is essential in the struggle to translate intorealitytheGeneral’sintentiontobuildathrivingcountry.

The General saw to it that everything was subordinated todeveloping the country’s economy and improving the people’sstandard of living, and laid solid foundations for making thepeoplebetteroffandboostingthecountry’seconomy.WeshouldensurethatthepricelessassetsbequeathedbytheGeneral through a painstaking effort fulfil their potential, thusmaking our people who have invariably trusted and followedourPartythehappiestintheworld.Thiswastheardentdesireof the General, and is the firm determination and will of ourParty.

Weshouldsatisfactorilysolvethefoodproblem forthepeople.




problem;weshouldradicallyincreasestateinvestmentinagriculturalproductionandencouragetheentireParty,thewhole country and all the service personnel and people to turnoutandcarryouttothelettertheParty’spolicyontheagriculturalrevolution.Weshouldconductfarminginascientific and technological way so as to increase the per-unitareayieldandtherebymeetthetargetforagriculturalproduction put forward by the Party without fail, and organizefoodprocurementandadministrationtotheminutestdetailsoastoensurea regularfoodsupplyforthepeople.

Efforts should be directed to developing light industry inorder to solve the problem of consumer goods. We should takethoroughmeasuresforsupplyingrawandothermaterialssothatlight-industryfactories canmaintainregularproduction;we should also increase the production of consumer goods andimprove their quality, so that everybody will want commoditiesmade in our country. In addition, we should see to it that all thegoodsweproduceare supplied tothepeople.

Priorityshouldbegiventosolvingtheurgentproblemsfacing the people, such as those of houses, drinking water andfuel, so that they do not experience any inconvenience in theirlives.

We should make the flames of Hamnam blaze higher andlaunch a determined offensive to boost the vanguard sectors ofthe national economy, the basic industries, as soon as possible,thus consolidating the foundations for economic developmentand bringing about a great upsurge in production in all sectorsofthenationaleconomy.

Theelectric-power,coal-miningandmetallurgicalindustries and rail transport sector should be given precedence;only then can the national economy be given a boost and thepeople’sstandardoflivingstabilized andimproved.



By channellingmajor efforts into the vanguard sectors ofthe national economy, the electric-power industry in particular,we can radically increase power production, make the most ofthe electric power we generate to develop the country’s overalleconomyandimprovethepeople’slivingstandards,andstrengthen the control over its use. We should bear in mind thewill and intention of the General who visited the constructionsite of the Huichon Power Station several times a year to easethe power shortage, and decisively boost the electric-powerindustry.

We should thoroughly implement our Party’s grand strategyfor achieving prosperity by giving definite precedence to thevanguardsectorsandbringingaboutagreatupsurgeinproductionin allsectorsandunitsofthenationaleconomy.

Amid the flames of the industrial revolution in the newcentury,weshouldbuildourcountryintoonewithaknowledge-basedeconomy.

It is the world trend to put the economy on a knowledgebasis, and we are faced with the epochal task of transformingournationaleconomyintoonethatdevelopsbydintofknowledge.

We should struggle with a high aim and ideal, true to theintention of the General to keep our feet firmly planted on ourland and look out over the rest of the world, and beat the worldinallaspects.Byvigorouslywagingadrivetoachieveacuttingedgewiththesamepioneeringspiritandcreativeattitude displayed by the developers of the Ryonha machinetools in producing the latest CNC machine tools, we shouldraise the overall standard of our technical equipment to theworld level and perfect our economic structure as required intheera of theknowledgeeconomy.

Weshould  create  an  atmosphere  in  which  definite



precedence is given to science and technology, they are broughtclosertoproduction,andalltheproblemsthatariseineconomicconstructionaresolvedbyrelyingonscienceandtechnology;bysodoing,weshouldguaranteetheeconomicdevelopmentofthecountrybymeansofscienceandtechnology.

We should direct efforts to land management so as to turnourcountryintoapeople’sparadisewhichismorebeautifulandbetter tolive in.

Land management is a patriotic undertaking of everlastingsignificance for the prosperity of our country, our motherland,andforthewell-beingofallthegenerationstocome.Thewhole Party, the whole country, the entire army and all thepeople should turn out and plant trees so that the whole land isthickly covered with forests in the coming few years. Alongwith this, they should turn the country into a socialist paradisebybringingaboutadecisiveturninlandmanagement,including the improvement of the rivers and roads, and urbanmanagement.

Inordertobringaboutarevolutionaryturninimprovingthe people’s living standards and building an economic giant,we should establish rigid discipline whereby all the problemsthat arise in economic work are brought to the Cabinet andsolved accordingtoitscoordinated command.

As the headquarters in charge of the country’s economy, theCabinet should work out economic development targets andstrategy on a scientific and realistic basis and in a far-sightedmanner,andpositivelypushforwarditssupervisionandguidanceofoveralleconomic work inaunifiedmanner.

All sectors and units should solve the problems in economicwork after consulting the Cabinet, and carry out to the letter itsdecisionsanddirectivesaimedatimplementingtheParty’seconomicpolicies.



Partycommitteesatalllevelsshouldwageastruggleagainstany practices which hinder the strengthening of the Cabinetresponsibilitysystem,theCabinet-centredsystem,andfullysupporttheCabinetandotheradministrativeandeconomicorgansatvariouslevels,sothattheycansatisfactorilydischargetheirdutyandroleasmastersandexecutorsofeconomicwork.

Effortsshouldbefocusedonholdingfasttosocialistprinciplesineconomicworkandenhancingthesenseofresponsibility and role of the working people, who carry outproduction and construction, so as to increase production to themaximum.

Weshouldalsoeffectanuninterruptedrevolutionaryupsurgeinallfieldsofculturalconstruction,includingeducation,publichealth,literatureandthearts,andsports,soastoadd lustretoourcountryasaculturedsocialistcountry.

Byincreasingstateinvestmentineducation,puttingeducation on a modern basis, radically improving the level ofgeneralsecondaryeducationandintensifyinguniversityeducation, we can train in larger numbers world-class scientificand technological personnel who will shoulder the building of athrivingsocialistcountry.We shouldgive fullplaytotheadvantages of our country’s socialist healthcare system, createanddisseminategreaternumbersofexcellentliteraryandartisticworksofthetimes,makesportsmass-basedandcreatea wave of enthusiasm for sports across the country. In this way,we should ensure that our people become creators and enjoyersof socialist culture that is noble and civilized, and the wholesocietybrims overwith joyandoptimism.

In order to bring about a decisive turn in the building of athriving socialist country as was the intention and desire ofGeneralKimJongIl,weshould,firstofall,enhancethemilitantfunctionandroleofPartyorganizations.



Partyorganizationsarethepoliticalstaffoftheunitsconcerned,andtheirbasictaskistoenlistofficials,Partymembers and other working people in carrying out the Party’slines and policies without fail. Success in the work of eachsector and unit depends entirely on how its Party organizationperformsits function androle.

Party organizations should thoroughly implement the ideasand lines of the General by firmly establishing policy-orientedprinciples and conducting energetic political and organizationalwork. They should conduct a profound study of the General’sintentions and plans, the tasks facing their respective units tomaterialize them and the ways of implementing them, arrangetheir work in a scrupulous manner, organize Party guidanceover administrative and economic work to the last detail androuseofficialsandthebroadsectionsofthemassesofthepeopletocarryingouttheGeneral’sinstructions.

Party organizations should intensify Party guidance over thelaw-enforcement organs, such as the judicial, procuratorial andpeople’ssecurityorgans.

Theefforttobuildathrivingsocialistcountryisaccompanied by a serious class struggle to eliminate everythingthatishostileandnon-socialist.Partyorganizationsshouldensurethatlaw-enforcementorgansdischargetheirsacredmissionanddutybystaunchlysafeguardingthesocialistsystem and the gains of the revolution and reliably defendingthepeople’s lives,property andsecurity.

Party organizations should intensify Party guidance over theworkingpeople’sorganizationstoensurethatalltheseorganizations andtheirmembersturn out asoneintheon-goinggeneralmarch.

True to the Party’s idea of focusing on young people, Partyorganizationsshouldgiveprominencetoyoungpeopleand



always pay close attention to working with them. They shouldleadtheyouthleagueorganizationstoglorifytheimmortalexploits performed by the President and the General for theyouth movement of Korea and step up the education of theirmembers so that our revolution can be steadily carried forwardthrough the generations. Young people should always advancestraight forward following the Party; a prosperous tomorrowwill be achieved earlier by our young people taking vigoroussteps.

Party organizations should give proper Party guidance totrade union and union of agricultural workers organizations sothat our trustworthy working class and agricultural workingpeople fulfil their duties as the masters of factories and farmsandproductionworkers.

Our women constitute a powerful force that pushes aheadone of the two wheels of the revolution. Party organizationsshould provide effective Party guidance to the women’s unionorganizations so as to ensure that women fully discharge theirduties for the prosperity of the country and the harmony andhappiness of society and their families and continue to exalttheirhonour astheflowersofthe era.

Next, officials should perform to the full their responsibilityandroleastheleadingpersonnelofthe revolution.

Officials must defend the Party’s policies and lines untodeath,standinginthevanguard,androusethemassestoimplementing them, and they must also organize and directtoday’sgeneralonwardmarch.

Officials should perform their work in a revolutionary way,on the standpoint that they are entirely responsible for the workintheirrespectivesectorsandunits.Inparticular,seniorofficialsshouldworkwithafirmdeterminationtoprovethemselvesworthyoftheloveandtrustofthePartyandpeople



thathavebroughtthemupandraisedthemtoprominence.They should become as honest and able as Kim Chaek, whoperformedwithcreditany taskhowever difficultit was,insupportofKimIl Sung.

Officialsshouldworkwithacreativeandenterprisingattitude and style. They should plan and organize their workwithafar-reachingtargetandideals,andbepioneersandforerunnersincreatingandintroducingnewthings.Theyshouldalsobemenofactionwhocarryanyundertakingthrough to completion once they set about doing it. All officialsshould be resolute in doing away with the outdated ideologicalviewpointsandbackwardmethodsandstylesofwork.Theposition our officials should occupy today is in the vanguard ofthe ranks; they should be the point-men in blazing the trail andanenginepropelling themasses forward.

They should devote their all tothe people. The people donot exist for the sake of officials, but officials exist for the sakeofthepeople.

By learning from the President’s and the General’s view ofthe people, all officials should go among the people, sharinggood times and bad with them, and make tireless efforts fortheir good. They should always put the people first in theirconsideration,directprimaryconcerntotheirlivelihood,always think and work sincerely to solve the problems in theirlivesanddomorefortheirbenefit.Theyshouldbetrueservantsofthepeoplewhoknownothingotherthanworkingfor the people, are faithful and effective in undertaking it andfindpleasureandpridein theeffortstheymakeforthem.

ByimplementingtheintentionsandinstructionsofthePresident and the General, we should accomplish the historiccause of national reunification without fail. And true to theirstrategyandplanforourexternalactivities,weshould




Keeping inmind that the President and the General arealways with us and are encouraging us, we should redouble ourefforts to realize their plans and desires with credit and glorifythe new century of the Juche revolution as an era of victory andglory.

Forthepresent,whenweareabouttoholdthePartyconference and various other events to celebrate the centenaryof the birth of the President, we should scrupulously organizethe work to ensure that they are a success. In addition, weshould pay close attention to ensuring that our people enjoythemselves on the Day of the Sun in a meaningful way, andmakedetailedarrangements forit.