20 June، 2022

Damascus, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates Minister, FayssalMikdad, said that Syria’s foreign policy will ever remain based on priorities of national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

“Syria will go ahead in liberating every occupied territory, fully eliminating the terrorist groups and rejecting projects of partition,” Mikdad said in a political presentation to the people’s Assembly in a session held on Monday and chaired by Speaker, HammoudaSabbagh.

He added that Syria aspires to build strong and constructive relations with Arab countries and the whole world in a way that respects principles of independence, sovereignty and non-intervention in the domestic affairs.

“We all know that we are facing big challenges, whether on the economic or social level, in a country that has lived for more than 10 years the pains of an unprecedented terrorist war… and we also know the precious prices paid by our people and state, from the souls of citizens to the destruction of infrastructure, private and public properties, in addition to the looting of oil, gas and wheat,” Mikdad added.

He went on to say that until today, we still deal with unusual challenges, on top, the economic coercive blockade imposed by the US and EU that reached unprecedented limits to target sectors of banks, energy and investment.

Mikdad called for the withdrawal of the US, Turkish occupying troops from all Syrian territories, paving the way for the process of reconstruction, maintenance of the oil and gas stations.

As for the Committee of Discussing the Constitution, Mikdad said “ We still see, as President Bashar al-Assad has stressed, that the basic obstacle that faces the work of the committee is the existence of a party, named by Turkey, that still insists to propose notions or oppose notions that serve the agenda of foreign intervention in the Syrian affair without respecting the ambitions and aspirations of the Syrians.”

Regarding the national reconciliations, Mikdad said that the settlement process is a national firm policy for Syria as it has achieved since many years’ important achievements on the social and national economy levels, referring to the issuance of many amnesty decrees, the latest of which was comprehensive legislative decree No. 7 issued on April 30th.

Mikdad affirmed that confronting the danger of “Israel” and its aggression, its occupation of Arab lands in Palestine and Golan and south Lebanon still remain on the top priority of Syria’s foreign policy.

“Syria is still committed to the Palestinian cause and the establishment of the Palestinian state,” Mikdad added.

As for Russia, Mikdad stressed that Syria has not hesitated to express its support to the Russian special military operation to protect Donbas, saying that this operation came in defense of Russia’s right in protecting its independence, unity and stability.