On the occasion of the “International Month of Common struggle against the US IMPERIALISM and Month of international solidarity with the Korean people to support independent and peaceful reunification of Korea,

The following organizations has issued the Joint statement.


72 years have elapsed since US imperialists troops set foot on the southern part of Korea.

The provocation of the June 25 war by the US imperialists and the South Korean puppets is the heinous crime unpardonable for all ages.


We consider that the Korean war was the most brutal and destructive war designed to massacre the Korean nation and reduced the Korean peninsula into ashes.


Peace on the Korean peninsula is jeopardy .

The US,which invariably pursues the policy hostile towards the DPRK.


Every year US waged the joint military rehearsal targeted war against the DPRK.

This year 2022 they arranged RIMPAC  war games

We strongly condemn these joint military rehearsal and demand immediate stop these exercises which are great threat for peace in the Asia Pacific region and world.


Such threat and blackmail and military moves on the part of US and South Korean war hawks clearly indicate their undisguised attempt to go to war against the DPRK to stifle it by force at any cost.


If the US wants peace in the Korean peninsula it should discard it’s policy hostile towards DPRK and respond the proposal of DPRK that calls for replacing the armistice agreement with peace one



We stressed together with the world progressive people would conduct extensive solidarity movement supporting the struggle of the Korean people to make US troops withdraw from south Korea establish a new peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula and achieve reunification of Korea by themselves independent and peaceful way