In early September this year members of the diplomatic corps in the Democratic
People’s Republic of Korea visited Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage.
Following is part of their impression:
The Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the DPRK pay close attention
to the intellectual education, healthcare and even food supply for children. It is hard to
believe that these are orphans as they are under such scrupulous care. Comrade
Kim Jong Un is, indeed, the genuine father of the children. (Cuban ambassador)
I was quite moved while looking round the orphanage equipped with all the
conditions necessary for the orphans’ living. The leadership of the DPRK and the
Workers’ Party of Korea spare nothing for children. I could feel Comrade
Kim Jong Un’s direct care in every nook and cranny of the orphanage. (Russian
Taking care of orphans is a Gordian knot and economic burden in other
countries. However, the DPRK gives importance to bringing up orphans and
provides them with all the conditions for their happy living even though everything
is in short supply. I was struck with wonder as I saw that these baby home and
orphanage are giving the orphans education necessary at the stages of nursery and
kindergarten. (Syrian ambassador)
During his on-site guidance at the Baby Home and Orphanage, General
Secretary Kim Jong Un paid close attention to the living and studying conditions
for orphans and the management of these facilities. This shows his warm love for
orphans. I hope that the children of Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage will
grow happily under his warm care. (Chinese councilor)