PNCA is delighted to introduce Wildlife Artists of Pakistan, Ahsan Qureshi & Kamran Qureshi on 18th Nov, at 10am in Gallery#5.
Secretary NH&CD Ms. Fareena Mazhar inaugurated the exhibition.
The stunning artworks aim to showcase beauty and diversity of wildlife of Pakistan. The artists have a passion for conservation of nature for which, through their work, they hope to generate awareness and call for collective actions.
They also pledge a certain portion of the proceeds from their artworks for the same purpose.
PNCA recognizes their hard work, will provide continued specialized support to them and stands with them for their noble cause on conservation of nature
This we believe is also the opening of less trodden art genre in Pakistan, where the upcoming artists may find new meaning for their expression and grow in their endeavours.
Both the artists are brothers. Speaking to the audience on the occasion Mr. Kamran Qureshi said, “Having spent all our lives together chasing wild game set in pristine wildernesses has taught us to appreciate the flawless design and harmony of all creation. Inspired, we have used many a canvas to express ourselves, sometimes by portraying the nature, sometimes by being a part of it. We are self-taught weekend artists. Both of us share a passion for conservation of nature.”
Mr. Ahsan Qureshi said: “It is painful to see that many of our wild places are vanishing rapidly. Clear waters are becoming murkier, rubbish is finding its way to the remotest and cleanest places, forests are being cut and the air is becoming dirtier to breathe. Plants and animals are fighting for survival. We fear that this is becoming our legacy. Will there be anything left for our children to have a healthy and fulfilling life?
Our artworks aim to showcase gems of nature in their natural habitats and at their best.
Through this exhibition and other activities like this we hope to inspire people and raise awareness around us. This, we believe, will help to generate urgency to take collective actions towards restoring the balance of nature. We pledge a certain portion of the proceeds from our artworks for conservation of nature.
We are greatly indebted to Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) for recognising us, supporting us in every possible way and standing with us for our cause of conservation of nature.
The show was heavily visited by a large number of audience including artists, students, VIPs, Government officials, press & media etc. A large number of students visited the show and interviewed the artist about his techniques and art practice.
PNCA is dedicated to promote Pakistani Art on Local and National scale. Our elevate and unique programs that present the traditional and contemporary art practices we reflect upon the excellence and cultural diversity of Pakistan as well as supports professional development of the artist. PNCA is committed to promoting significant aspects of the country and encourages community participation in gallery activities, fostering curatorial practice to artists own understanding of their work and encourages a healthy and sustainable local arts industry. PNCA has maintained a range of regionally focused visual arts exhibitions featuring both nationally and internationally recognised artists.
The exhibition will continue till November, 22. Daily timings 9 am till 4pm.