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Historical Facts


Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Azerbaijan enjoy excellent relations and are strategic partners. Pakistan is one of the first countries that recognized Azerbaijan as an independent state in 1991, following the collapse of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Diplomatic relations between both the brotherlycountries were established in 1992 and Pakistan is one of the first countries that opened its embassy in the most beautiful and dynamic capital city (Baku)of the country.Azerbaijan, located at the crossroads of various civilizations throughout many centuries has become famous as a country where was formed the atmosphere of national cultural diversity, where representatives of various nationalities and faiths live in the atmosphere of peace and welfare, mutual understanding and dialogue. The multiculturalism and tolerance historically inherent in the life of Azerbaijanis today became an integral feature of everyday life of each citizen of the Azerbaijani state, irrespective of national identity, language and religion. Not only today’s tolerant manner of life of the people, but also the literary and art, scientific and philosophical, political and legal sources and documents created by this people are the evidence to the rich multicultural past of the Azerbaijani people.

Due to the strong bonds between 2 brotherly countries,Pakistan has always supported brotherly country at all international forums, including former “Nagorno-Karabakh” conflict and Patriotic War of Azerbaijan in 2020 that led to the liberation of territories from Armenian 30 years of illegal occupation.Azerbaijan itself implemented UN Security Council resolutions which were demanding immediate, unconditional and complete withdrawal of Armenian forces from Azerbaijani territories and restored its territorial integrity. Brotherly Azerbaijan also has always supported Pakistan at all international foras including Kashmir issues.

The liberated areas of Azerbaijan which were once famous for vineyards, best wheat crops and cotton crops formsbefore the illegal occupation of Armeniaare full of millions of mines including anti tanks and anti-personal mines. Since the war ended 2 years ago, almost 250 Azerbaijanis have been killed or seriously injured as a result of landmine explosions. It is worth mentioning that during the last 30 years of criminal, unlawful and illegal occupation the Armenia had donenothingremarkable, regarding the development and infrastructure. Despiteof new developments all the existing buildings including public houses, shopping malls, theatres, community centers and mosques were ruined during the 30 years of occupation. Moreover, acts of ethnicity violence included cattle and pigs placed inside the mosques intentionally just to humiliate the Muslims.

The Situation Today; Infrastructure Developments & Progressive Way Forward


The bilateral relationship between the brotherlycountries is developing progressively; the ties between Pakistan and Azerbaijan strengthening and deepening. A visit of panel of educationist and media persons from Pakistan was organized by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Pakistan, for sightseeing at Baku and liberated areas of Azerbaijan to glorify the incumbent relations. The delegation was honored to have detailed visits to all the liberated regions and cities destroyed due to the Armenian aggression during the 30 years of illegal occupation of Armenia.During the entire visit of panel of educationist and media persons from Pakistan,Mr. Araz N.Imanov,a very competent and professional, senior advisor of the Special Representation of the President in the Karabakh Economic Region accompanied the delegates for guidance, informatory notes and brief history for better understanding.

The delegates from Pakistan appreciated and witnessed the massive construction work that has been going on in the liberated areas for getting the life back in full swings to those areas what missed and lost the springs of joys and Autumn of happiness for last 30 years. Foremost action taken by the Government is the commendable work being done by ANAMA the demining agency of Azerbaijan. A special session was arranged by the officials and staff of the demining agency wherein the panelists were made able to have a comprehensive tour of the procedure / operation being carried out.

The demining agency of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) has been doing phenomenal job by demining the liberated areas from the mines containing high explosives materials deployed by the Armenian forces. After the signing of trilateral statement by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia in 2020, the massive construction has been started and going on, under the visionary leader IlhamAliyev, President of the Azerbaijani Republic to bring life back in the liberated areas. This particular visit of the Pakistani journalist arranged by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Pakistan managed to give us the inside that how the liberated areas look like after being occupied by the Armenian army for almost 30 years.

Real estate market in Azerbaijan is into introduction of modern technologies to establish highly sustainable environment while restoration of its citizens who has been through grave period of deprivation of opportunities and freedom. Smart village concept envisions small communities using the latest technologies like digital connectivity, automation, and renewable energy along with joint management and control to maximize economic development. It also underlines the concept of smart street lighting, cold- and heat-resistant homes, management of household waste, the installation of hydro and solar power stations and biogas energy. Another important step taken for the strengthening of economy is establishment of Agroparks that provides the necessary infrastructure by providing subsidies for sustainable businesses to operate.  It also enlightens the Azerbaijani President IlhamAliyev vision that renewable energy has huge potential for the region’s development.The officials in the liberated territories have described to the Pakistani delegates that more smart villages like Agali, will be introduced and built based on “modern technologies and joint management and control,” in all the liberated areas to get back all the displaced people to their hometowns.

Strengthening of Ties between Pakistan & Azerbaijan


Since the Republic of Azerbaijan was declared independent state, both the countries have maintained good association with each other, it paves out the path to collaboration in various sectors particularly in commercial and defense sectors. The delegation witnessed that more avenues of cooperation existed between the two brotherhood countries in Information Technology, Higher Education, Transport sectors and youth engagement.

The bonds and ties with the brotherly country Azerbaijan are so important and significant to us, whether political, cultural, trade or military which have improved and touches the level of optimization recently. The Senate of Pakistan passed a resolution on 30th May 2022 affirming its unequivocal support for Azerbaijan sovereignty, territorial integrity, and internationally recognized border inviolability. We will keep supporting Azerbaijan in all aspects of life whether politically, economically, and culturally, as we have common norms and culture. The visit of panel of educationist and media persons from Pakistan was phenomenal and effective, due to the high regards and respect exists between both nations.