Astana, April 27, 2023 – President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, participated in the 32nd session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, a unique organisation that brings together representatives of over 100 ethnic groups in Kazakhstan.

In his speech, the President focused on the fundamental importance of interethnic harmony and unity in Kazakhstan, stating that “close interweaving of traditions, interethnic and interfaith harmony, tolerance towards other cultures is our invaluable asset.”

The President more broadly emphasized the important role of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in the country’s recent political modernisation and national unity. He said: “The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is a unique organisation that serves to strengthen our unity. The Assembly unites all ethnic groups inhabiting the sacred Kazakh land.” In this regard, the President proposed that the interaction of the Assembly with political parties and state bodies should be strengthened, stressing that “only in this way will we be able to strengthen the unity of the nation and eliminate the possibility of any speculation on ethnic issues.”

Given the importance of preserving national accord, President Tokayev stated that it is necessary to prevent any provocations aimed at undermining Kazakhstan’s unity and harmony. He said: “We, as responsible citizens, must resist any manifestations of radicalism, extremism and separatism,” adding that “every citizen of our country should be aware of the responsibility for their words and actions.”

The Head of State also pointed out that effective measures should be taken to eliminate the causes of ethno-social tension, suggesting that “it is very important to ensure the participation of local communities in the work of the Assembly of People and its structures.”

The Head of State also spoke of the need to promote the Kazakh language, though emphasized that citizens who do not speak the Kazakh language should never be infringed.

Commenting on Kazakhstan’s transformation and recent reforms, President Tokayev asserted that a new, more democratic model of government has been created in Kazakhstan. He said: “We make pivotal decisions together and build our shared future together. I am certain that such unity of purpose will be a significant driving force behind our initiatives.” He listed recent changes that have been implemented in the country, including decentralisation of power, expanded opportunities for citizen participation in the governance of the country, establishment of the Constitutional Court, among other initiatives.

In conclusion, Tokayev reaffirmed that Kazakhstan will always pursue a stable and balanced policy to maintain interethnic harmony and unity, highlighting that “by steadily following the path of building a strong state and a just society for everyone, we will turn our country into an indestructible monolith of freedom and independence.”

Background information on the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, established in 1995, plays an important role in the formation of a unique model of social unity in the country. Its main goal is to ensure social and political stability in Kazakhstan and increase the efficiency of cooperation between state institutions and civil society in the field of interethnic relations.

Since its creation, the Assembly has contributed to the establishment of a unique model of interethnic and interreligious accord in Kazakhstan, where every citizen, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, enjoys full civil rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.