He opened the floor with formal greetings and highlighted the Indian nefarious agenda
creating communication barrier.. He underscored the indian state sponsored terrorism with a special mention of
women who were sexually abused.. Chairman stated that BJP fostered hate speech
under Hindu nationalism and Pakistan is the only country advocating Kashmir cause.
He also stressed that this is the high time for jihad bil qalam..He ended on a remark that power of pen is needed

Mujahid Gillani- Chairman KYM

Nephew of Asia Andrabi
gillani family.. He gave a brief overview of the article 35 A and 370 and stressed tha we are warriors not victims. He iterated that we stood against Indian aggression and also named numerous unheard warriors.. He concluded by chanting Syed Ali gilanis famous words that
Pakistan is ours.. and we are Pakistani

Dr mujeeb Afzal- Assistant Professor (SPIR)

He gave the intellectual dimension of the conflict and mentioned variousconflict resolution methods Chanelising diplomacy. He said that conflict is a byproduct of competing interests between nation states. he stresses that by knowing and understanding conflict
we can manage it and try to resolve it..
he said that since decades we have violently been nagaged in wars, peaceful measures, CBMs, composite dialogue but all measures failed to change the nature of conflict..
he mentioned that India primarily had two competing perspectives I. e. congress and composite cultures. . Hindu nationalism says that Hindu land can never be negotiated nor exchanged for peace.. He summed up his talk
on the note that until we don’t have a strong and autonomous Pakistan we can’t come to any peaceful resolution on the conflict with India.

SM Hali- Author Gp Captain Retired

He talked about impact of Hindutva
and it’s impact.
he further highlighted that hindutva is reality and is going to haunt us.. He said that Hindutva ideology promotes Rape as a weapon as a strategy.. and as a culture to oppress the weak.

Amb. Naila Former Diplomat

she talked talking about narratives
and said that discourses are important..
she said that if no Pakistan was existed before 1947 no india too even existed.. She talked the ideological fallacies India commits more often by mentioning that even
India is a fallacious name.. She noted that Kashmir has own peculiar culture/ and own sense of identity.. She gave the diplomatic dimension too of the conflict and stated that
diplomacy- is about making friends
but it has to be from both sides
Pakistan contributes towards peace
but unfortunately over Kashmir
it’s never two way. She further said that issue of J&K was taken by the India to the UN
and since 1948 many resolutions have passed recognizing it as an international dispute.
She hoped that India won’t be able to change the demography of the region with such heinous acts.. She concluded that ndian policy is poorly tailored but at the same time wemust not stay oblivious..