[Islamabad, 20 September] – Tourism Promotion Services (Pakistan) Limited under the brand name of Serena Hotels, proudly announces a historic achievement in the hospitality industry. Serena Hotels has become the first hospitality company in Pakistan to be officially approved as a Training Organization Outside Practice (TOoP) by the prestigious Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).

This remarkable recognition reflects Serena Hotels’ unwavering commitment to excellence, professional development, and its role as a leading institution dedicated to nurturing talent in the field of accounting and finance.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ali Latif President ICAP said that the TOoP Scheme has been launched by ICAP to enable businesses to build sustainable human capital; and has emerged as an international trend opening opportunities for students as well as existing employees for professional development and career advancement. Through this combined initiative, the two organizations will contribute to the hospitality industry’s growth by training the next cadre of finance leaders.

CEO Serena Hotels Mr. Aziz BoolaniSIsaidSerena Hotels is breaking new ground in the hospitality sector by being the first company to receive approval as a TOoP from ICAP. This achievement underscores the organization’s dedication to setting industry benchmarks. It is set to offer high-quality training programs that meet the rigorous standards set by ICAP, ensuring that professionals in the field receive comprehensive and practical training opportunities.As a TooP, Serena Hotels will play a pivotal role in developing and nurturing accounting and finance talent, contributing to the growth and expertise of professionals in Pakistan.’

This collaboration between Serena Hotels and ICAP signifies a strong partnership that will foster knowledge sharing and expertise in the hospitality and finance sectors.Serena Hotels’ commitment to excellence extends beyond hospitality services and encompasses professional development, reinforcing its status as a thought leader.