His  Excellency Mr. Muhammad Sami Saeed, Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiative of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


His Excellency Senator Mr. Mushahid HussainSayeed, former Minister and Chair of Senate Defense Committee of Pakistan


His Excellency Senator Mr. ShahzadWasim, Leader of opposition in the Senate

Her Excellency Senator Sherry Rehman, former Minister of Climate Change


His Excellency Senator Dr. Danish Kumar

His Excellency Sardar Muhammad Isran Tareen, former Minister for Defence Production

His Excellency Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan, former Minister of State


Excellencies, Distinguished Guests

Friends from Media

Ladies and gentlemen

Namaste, As-Salamualaykum and a warm good evening!


First of all, let me extend warm welcome to you all to the   9thConstitution Day and NationalDay celebrationof Nepal.  I express my sincere thanks to all of you for being herewith us this evening to celebrate Nepal’s special day.



Excellencies and distinguished guests,

Today, we are celebrating our National and Constitution Day together to mark the promulgation of our Constitutiondrafted by an inclusive body of elected representatives of theConstituent Assembly on 20 September 2015.


On this special occasion, I wish to share some silent features of the constitution. The Nepali constitution envisages the principles of democracy, human rights, peace, progress, prosperity with equality and equity. The Nepali social contract has all features of moderndemocracy with the provisions of human rights with inclusivity in its heart. The constitution has ensured the participation of women, marginalized group and other minority in the decision making process. One third of parliamentary and provincial assemblies’ seats are reserved for women to enhance their participation in the public life.


Republican system of Governance, federation of provinces have increased the peoples’ participation in the Government and in the decision-making process. The constitution has vision to end all kind of disparity and to achieve sustainable peace, good governance, development, and prosperity through the federal, democratic, republican, system of governance.


Nepal attaches high importance to this day in her history and celebrates it as both Constitution and National Day of Nepal. Nine years after the promulgation of the Constitution, the foundation laid by this Constitution is getting stronger towards fulfilling the aspirations of Nepali people. Under the provisions of the constitution, first elected parliament has completed its five-year term and now second parliament has been working after the general election in November 2022. Similarly, provincial governments and local governments are also working to fulfill peoples’ aspiration of peace, progress and prosperity with equity and equality.



Distinguished Guests,


The relations between Nepal and Pakistan are marked by friendship, cordiality and cooperation. The establishment of diplomatic relations in 1960 further strengthened the bond of friendship and cooperation. As a founder members of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC), both countries have full faith on the principles of SAARC. Nepal and Pakistan have full faith in the principles and objectives of United Nations and have been working together in various bilateral, regional and multilateral forums to promote global peace and development. Both countries are working together in the agenda of sustainable development, climate change and environment protection.


Bilaterally, Nepal and Pakistan have been extending their support to each other. Even during the difficult time of the COVID pandemic, Nepal and Pakistan continued their cooperation. The cooperation continued during the times of disasters, whether it is the earthquake in Nepal or the floods in Pakistan.


Pakistan has been a destination for Nepali students for higher studies. Under PTAP, many Nepalistudents are studying in Pakistan in particular in the field of medical science and engineering. The link of these students is strong now as they serve Nepal in different capacities after their academic sessions. We are grateful to the Government of Pakistan for this important cooperation.


Our business relations are also expanding and increasing over the years. We have to work together to bring them back to track after the COVID pandemic hurt them and work together to expand them further.


Nepal is a hub of mountain and adventure tourism. A large number of people including Pakistani people visits Nepal for mountaineering, trekking and other adventure activities. Nepal’s unique culture, people, food and hospitality have placed Nepal in the global tourism map. Tourism industry is recovering after the setback of COVID and now it is fully open to welcome our guests for adventure tourism, to see the beauty of the land and to taste the hospitality of Nepal since it has best hospitality industry in South Asia.


Before I conclude, I express my sincere gratitude again to the Chief Guest of the programme HE Muhammad Sami Saeedand other dignitaries for your valuable presence here despite of your busy schedules. I also thank all of you again for your presence.


Last but not the least, I express my congratulations and best wishes to all members of Nepali community present here.


Long live Nepal-Pakistan friendship!

Thank you!