The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Islamabad felicitates all the lovers of Hazrat Mohammad Mostafa (PBUH) on the auspicious occasion of the birth of Hazrat Fatima, the beloved daughter of the Great Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH).
The spiritual character of this lady, who is from the lineage of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has a prominent and exalted position to the extent that Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) honored the character of this righteous lady by kissing her hand and also in order to honor the position and dignity of all women in all periods and places to remove the dust of ignorance from the mirror of the ages and to obliterate the superstitions that disregarded the women. After receiving the message of revelation and the emergence of Islam, the women regained their true place in the world, and this is only realized due to the sublime and revolutionary thought of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the field of social justice, equality and the recognition of the natural rights of all human beings. The Prophet (PBUH) honored the women and restored their rights by respecting and revering his daughter in an appropriate manner.
In Iran, in order to honor the admirable women of our land and to follow the good manner of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), the birthday of this endeared lady has been declared as Women’s Day, to make an opportunity to honor the position of the women and to renew the covenant with the gracious thought and manner of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about women and the position of women.
Congratulations and good wishes to all the women and mothers in Iran and Pakistan. We pray to Allah Almighty, as it is He who has so far been the supporter and supportive of the women of this two countries, and henceforth it is He who make them successful in their personal, national and spiritual flourishing and development.
The diligent and determined women of the two nations of Iran and Pakistan have taken valuable steps in the direction of reviving their values and abilities in all areas including spiritual, scientific etc. and to struggle for the development of their countries. The efforts of these women for the progress and development of their nations along with preserving their spiritual values, is an incomparable example and an indisputable model of progress and self-reliance in the contemporary history of the world. There is no doubt that our societies owe a large part of their successes and achievements to the indefatigable efforts and contributions of our assiduous and noble women.
Today, the women of Iran and Pakistan, relying on their God gifted capabilities and talents, have appeared in the best possible way in all specialized scientific and technical fields and are working tirelessly in this direction. The statistics and figures show their hard and tireless efforts.
Today is the harbinger of a bright, successful and spiritual future for the women of Iran and Pakistan. They always keep Iran and Pakistan in high regard.

We congratulate once again this auspicious day to all the dear women, mothers and daughters of Iran and Pakistan.

Best wishes for Pakistan and Iran
Long live Amities