The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the State of Palestine Condemns in the strongest terms the violations and crimes of the occupation and the continuous settler militia against our people, their land, homes, properties and sanctities, foremost of which is the escalation of extrajudicial killings, as happened in the city of Nablus this morning, the massacre of house demolitions in Jerusalem and the attacks of armed settler militia throughout the occupied Palestinian territory. Which is escalating day after day, as if the occupying State and its extreme right-wing government are in a race against time to move from the stage of coexistence with the conflict and managing it to settling it on the ground, by accelerating the pace of the gradual, creeping and silent annexation of the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and creating new facts on the ground on the one hand. One and the power of occupation and the deepening of settlements, so that talking about the embodiment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its Capital becomes a path of imagination, unrealistic, and irrational, which leads to undermining any opportunity for political negotiations based on the principle of the Two-State solution. The occupying state, through its open war on the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem and areas classified (C), is racing against time to resolve the future of the negotiated final solution issues on the one hand and by force, in a clear distribution of roles between the occupation army, the settler militia and their terrorist colonial organizations, as the demolition massacre continues as part of a wide ethnic cleansing process The scale is against the Palestinian presence, and settler attacks and terror continue throughout the occupied West Bank to perpetuate the dark ideology of the Israeli government based on deepening the occupation, settlement, and the expulsion and displacement of more Palestinian citizens. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine warns against the Israeli government and the institutions of the deep occupation state resolving Israel’s internal crises, especially the crisis of judicial amendments at the Cost of the Palestinian land and the rights of our people. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine, while following up the violations and crimes of the occupation in all its forms with the International Community, countries and the competent International Courts in order to assume its legal and moral responsibilities towards the suffering of our people, it expresses its deep astonishment at the silence of the International Community and Countries on the processes of deepening Israeli Colonialism that threaten to blow up the conflict arena and lead to closing the door In front of the opportunity to implement the principle of the Two-State solution, and to practice the most heinous forms of violations that rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine also calls for stopping the policy of double standards and taking deterrent International measures to stop the implementation of the program of the extremist Netanyahu government, and to put an end to Israel’s continued impunity.