The State of Palestine reaffirms that respecting the special status of Jerusalem is an integral part of the universally recognized rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to self-determination, in their Capital;

The international community’s position on Jerusalem is clear: Israel has no rightful claim or sovereignty over Jerusalem, including occupied East Jerusalem, its Old City and its holy sites;

Israel, the occupying Power, has no authority to engage in diplomatic relations or invite States to open diplomatic offices in any part of the City;

Since 1947, the UN Security Council and General Assembly have conclusively and authoritatively determined the international legal status of Jerusalem, the obligations of States to uphold this status, and the illegality of relocating embassies and diplomatic offices to Jerusalem;

For its part, the ICJ reaffirmed in its advisory opinion on the Wall that Israel’s presence in Jerusalem is that of an occupying Power;

Israel’s presence as an occupying Power is an established and unassailable legal fact that infers legal, political, and moral obligations on all States, especially Permanent Members of the Security Council;

Accordingly, opening an embassy in Jerusalem, or establishing a mission on the basis of diplomatic relations with Israel, in any part of Jerusalem, is a de facto and de jure recognition of Israel’s ongoing and unlawful actions;

Likewise, opening an embassy in Jerusalem amounts to complicity in Israel’s illegal annexation of the City and relentless attempts to assert sovereignty, including through war crimes of forcible displacements, demolitions, and control over holy sites;

In this connection, the State of Palestine affirms that it will pursue all available legal, diplomatic, and political measures to ensure that Jerusalem and its status are protected.