TRNC Presidency announces that vaccination certificates can be used on trips to the UK from this Monday

In the statement made by TRNC Presidency, it was announced “We greet the decision taken by the British Government, and we want to give the good news to our people that the vaccination certificates issued by the TRNC Ministry of Health can be used on trips to UK.”

It was also noted in the statement:

“UK has announced that as of 10th January, 2022, the vaccination certificates issued by the TRNC Ministry of Health will be valid when they enter their country, provided that they include the vaccines they have approved. The British Government announced its new decisions within the scope of Covid-19 measures on its official website and informed the TRNC Presidency through the British High Commission that the certificates issued by the TRNC Ministry of Health will be valid when entering the UK.”

The name of Birkan Uzun will be given to Kıvanç Tepe
The TRNC Prime Ministry announced that the Council of Ministers decided to give the name of Birkan Uzun to Kıvanç Tepe, which is located in the Karşıyaka region of Kyrenia and known as the highest peak by mountaineers.
In the statement made yesterday (6th October,2022) by the TRNC Prime Ministry Press and Public Relations Directorate, it was stated that Birkan Uzun died as a result of an unfortunate accident in the USA in the first days of the year, and all the people, especially his family, were in deep mourning.
Birkan Uzun, who set the goal of being the first Turkish Cypriot to climb the 7 continents and 7 summits, waved the TRNC Flag on Vinson Mountain, Antarctica’s highest peak, on 16th December, 2021, and became a source of pride for the Turkish Cypriot people.
It was emphasized that Uzun, who came very close to his dream by overcoming great devotion, effort and difficulties, left an immortal memory with the TRNC Flag at the Vinson Mountain Summit and made his country proud, and it was emphasized that it would not be easy to forget the pain that Uzun left behind.
In the statement, it was stated that it is a duty to keep the spirituality of Birkan Uzun, who left an indelible mark on history with his success, as an example to the youth.
It was also noted “In order to keep alive the eternal memory of Birkan Uzun, who drew attention to the embargoes imposed on the TRNC, gave morale and inspiration to all young people by calling them to follow their dreams despite everything, and to show our youth the greatness of patriotism and the feeling of protecting the flag, it was decided to give the name of “Birkan Uzun” to Kıvanç Tepe, which is very well known by mountaineers as the highest peak, by the decision of the Council of Ministers. All necessary studies and initiatives have been initiated in this regard.
On this occasion, we once again express our condolences and patience to his family and loved ones in the pain and sadness of losing Birkan, the pride of the Turkish people of Northern Cyprus. May he rest in peace”.